Smile Rewards Program

Welcome to Our Smile Rewards Program!

We are committed to creating amazing smiles. As we start this journey together, we’ll develop many life-changing benefits for you. Our mission is always to exceed your expectations. We have created Smile Referral Rewards for you to earn fantastic rewards along the way!

Earn Points and Redeem for Great Gifts!

smile rewards smile rewards

For as little as 20 points, you can start redeeming great gifts. You can view your points any time at Click on Smile Rewards Program and enter your email and password to check your current point total and view and select your gift options.

To redeem your points, visit us online or talk to any of our team members!

Being a Great Patient Offers Many Rewards Points
Diagnostic records taken at your consultation 100
Diagnostic records within 30 days of consultation 60
Coming in for your recall appointment 20
Bringing in signed oral hygiene card 10
Orthobucks Referral Rewards Points
Referral who begins treatment within 30 days of initial consultation 100
Referral who begins treatment after 30 days of initial consultation 60
Participating in an office website testimonial 20
Earn Extra Rewards at Every Visit Points
Arriving on time for your appointment 1
No loose brackets or broken appliances 1
Wearing elastics or appliances as instructed 1
Having great oral hygiene 1
Each “A” on your report card 1
Redeem for These Great Gifts Points Needed
$2 Baskin-Robbins ice cream gift card 20
$10 Jamba Juice/Starbucks gift card or movie ticket 40
$15 Starbucks/Toys “R” Us/Blockbuster gift card 60
$20 Borders gift card or two movie tickets 80
$25 Target/Best Buy/ gift card 100
$50 Target/Olive Garden/ gift card 200
$75 Toys “R” Us/Tahoe Joe’s gift card 300
$100 Best Buy/Target/Home Depot gift card 400
$125 Chevron/Old Navy/Borders gift card 500
$150 Toys “R” Us/Tahoe Joe’s/Gap gift card 600
$175 Target/Macy’s/ gift card 700
$200 Pottery Barn/Lowe’s/Best Buy gift card 800
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